Hospital Trolley

Hospital Trolley is an important asset for any hospital. It has multiple uses in hospitals, surgeries, and other healthcare centers. In emergency operation or surgery, hospitals need trolleys to carry a patient to Operation Theater or ICU Ward.There is a wide range of trolleys available such as Stretchers, oxygen cylinder trolley, food and medicine trolley, patient recovery trolleys and large trolleys used for the transportation of heavy pieces of equipment, small trolleys used for storing medical files etc. Healthcare workers can easily and instantly move their storage units and dispensing trolleys to wherever they are needed. Because of their propensity to be wheeled around with high frequency, hospital trolleys need to be extremely durable and robust. Hence We offer best quality products and various kind of hospital trolleys available in different size, shape, heights, colors & features like adjustable, folding, comfortable, with a rotate wheel, surgical fulfill, etc. These trolleys are made of various metals like iron, steel, etc.