ECG Devices

Electrocardiography (ECG) is the method of recording the electrical activity of the heart over a period of time using electrodes placed on the skin. These electrodes detect the tiny electrical changes on the skin that arise from the heart muscle's electro-physiologic pattern of depolarizing and repolarizing during each heartbeat. It is a very commonly performed cardiology test.

Types of ECG Machines

There are different types of ECG machines and each has its own special features. ECG machines can vary in size and functionality, but all work in essentially the same way in checking for cardiac abnormalities. They are basically different in the extent of data they capture, the data they show and record, their mobility, and their featured applications.

ECG machines are mainly used in medical diagnostic testing to monitor the patient’s heart rate, particularly the electrical signals produced. They are usually referred to by the number of leads created; that is, the number of electrical signals they can monitor at a time.

  • Single Channel ECG Machine
  • 3 Channel ECG Machine
  • 12 Channel ECG Machine


BPL CARDIART 108T DIGI SINGLE CHANNEL ECG is one of the best brands available that provides reliable products and dependable service to its customers.The iconic single-channel ECG works on real-time high fidelity thermal array recording.

Contec 100G ECG Machine Single Channel (3.5" screen)  is capable of recordig 150 pieces of ECG Machine and print 90 minutes continually under the best DC state. 

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